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Kagriffin18 5 days ago

California Fish Taco

This is THE BEST TACO AND IM NEVER DISAPPOINTED!! I highly suggest it - I could eat it every damn day!

Danman32583 20 days ago

Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado

Quesadilla was fantastic! Cheese was was melty and delicious, chicken moist and flavorful, and avocado as fresh as can be. Would definitely recommend for lunch take outs for businesses!

Babiarej 28 days ago

Spicy Jalapeno

Not too spicy, just enough kick from the jalapeño to balance out the sweetness. Very fresh!

Bob about 1 month ago


The chorizo burrito is the best I have ever had of its variety! Great tacos and bar as well!

Jillian about 1 month ago

Bacon & Scallion

My boyfriend loves the bacon scallion quesadilla! Most times when we are deciding to go out to eat or order we always decide on cantina quesadillas!!

Jillian about 1 month ago

Chicken, Cheese and Avocado

This is my favorite quesadilla I've ever had!! I go/order from here so often

Aubrey about 2 months ago

House Salad

This salad is legit the most amazing salad I have ever had! Highly recommend!

Taneshiarhodes about 2 months ago

Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado

The best quesadilla I ever had the chicken is marinated in a lime seasoning so zesty and delicious I will always order this a must try.

Tmwelch 2 months ago

Steak & Cheese

Had this wonderful concoction at a work meeting...I will just say I was mesmerized and you now have a loyal patron for life!! It was much flavor!!!

Hockeema 2 months ago

California Fish Taco

Delicious..My absolute favorite place and my favorite item.. Fresh fish, cooked perfectly with a scrumptious spicy slaw, like no other. So wonderful with a delicious margarita!!!

Hilldamo4 2 months ago

Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado

Great value! Not only is there a good amount of chicken cheese and other vegetable fillings, there is a dollop of guac and sour cream on each of the eight pieces. The crunchiness of the tortilla combined with the gooey meatiness of the filling is a texture that is tough to beat. I dipped them in the house hotsauce with some of the included jalapenos scattered about for the first bite, only to be cooled down by the perfectly placed guac and sour cream on the next bite. Long story short... eat it.

Jrwolf2 2 months ago


Koreatown tacos are a great choice! High end taste and presentation for a low cost. One of the best options on the menu for sure.

Schmelzingerm 3 months ago

Chicken, Cheese and Avocado

I get this everytime! So delicious!!!!

Jkilianm 3 months ago

Nachos Locos

The nachos are a meal by themselves and always good. With the chorizo they are definitely the best ones around.

Paige 11 days ago

Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado

My favorite thing on the menu at Cantina! The Poblano Crema is addicting. Portion is HUGE, easily shared by people and makes for great leftovers.

Blend007 27 days ago


This is the best taco in the city. It has great kimchi on it and goes great with the bacon scallion quesadilla.

Mjetty616 about 1 month ago


I am super addicted to these tacos the meat is cooked perfectly!!

Kimberly about 1 month ago

California Fish Taco

So fish tacos are tough, and Cantina shines with theirs. They are my favorite! The flavor and texture are put together beautifully. The sauce on top, is just right at the end, so it isn't soggy. I love the flavor profiles of a lot of their dishes. You can really taste the layers of flavor of each dish. I am also happy to see the beef on weck rolls being featured. Chef Mike A is very talented, and so is his staff. I have been going to all of his places, so I love to see the collaborations to keep these Buffalo staples alive. I wash these items down with the spicy margaritas. From the seasoned rim, to the fresh tastes of the cocktails, I can't wait until the patio opens back up. Love the vibe and this whole place. Thank you :)

Jillian about 1 month ago

Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado

Most amazing quesadilla I have ever had. So grateful I live down the street and can go/order it whenever I want!!

Alyssaklein01 about 1 month ago

Nachos Locos

Giant delicious nachos enough for everyone to share satisfaction every time

Taneshiarhodes about 2 months ago


A must try has for the first time because I wanted to try something different and it was delicious I mean delicioussssssss. Even my husband has a taste and agreed. Upon the first bite it was just lots of flavor sweet and savory almost like a special Korean bbq but amplified times 1000. The pickled cabbage topped it off along with the delicious short ribs that where so tender and rich in flavor along with a little crisp like a rib was Amazinggggg. Makes you want to sing definitely a must try will be going back soon to hey two at a time reminds you of something from diner, dive-ins, and dives so delicious.

Mtwik 2 months ago

Skirt Steak

My wife and I are big into trying new restaurants and exploring the best Mexican food we can find. The Skirt Steak tacos and fresh quac were an instant favorite and keep us coming back. Cantina is our favorite !

Knauerhasekelly 2 months ago


The ingredients are always fresh, large portions, cant beat the prices and the service is amazing! Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is amazing. It's my go to lunch & happy hour spot!

Hilldamo4 2 months ago

Steak & Cheese

It didn't look like much, but dang, it was good. A meat focused burrito is not something im used to and i was pleasantly surprised. My first bite i felt like i was eating texas Bbq, the beans' sweetness play off of the smokey steak in the best of ways. The steak by itself was among the best of a common cut ive ever had. Good job guys.

Jaylee577 2 months ago


LOVE!! the chicken burritos... we live 25 minutes away and will still drive out just to get the take out cuz we have a newborn and are stuck inside for a bit longer. But we can't go without treating ourselves to cantina loco!

Jerry Ogilvie 3 months ago

Nachos Locos

Literally the best nachos ever, because of the details. The real cheese instead of some pasty queso, the fresh cilantro, onion, the crumbly pork all topped with more cheese and a little pick. UNREAL!!!

7colbya 3 months ago

Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado

Best quesadilla I've ever had! Every time I visit Buffalo, a trip to Cantina is a must. Love the food and drink selection and the staff and customer service is fantastic!!


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